April 28 2021

Mort, by Terry Pratchett


Mort, by Terry Pratchett

Title: Mort
Author: Terry Pratchett
Genre/ issues: Audiobook. Comedy. Fantasy.

Shop local where you can: For Australian readers, you can find this book on Booktopia, or support your local independent bookstore. US readers, check out Bookshop.org.

Book 4 in my reread of #Discworld – and finally, we’re at the book I recommend you start with if you’ve not read any of this wonderful series by Terry Pratchett! I’d forgotten just how funny it is – laugh out loud funny in some places. Mort is … eccentric. His father can’t quite figure out what to do with him, because “his granny taught him to read, you see. I reckon it overheated his mind.” (Same, Lezek, same.) So, he takes his quirky boy to the village hiring fair, where he’s the last person standing at the Apprentice Stand – until Death arrives. You know Death. Bony guy, impressive black robe, a scythe, and a horse named Binky. His is a big job, and sometimes even Death needs a night off. After being assured that being dead isn’t a requirement of the job, Mort accepts, but soon discovers that his romantic ambitions don’t quite fit with his new job!
I’m usually pretty fussy about the quality of an audiobook, but it doesn’t bother me in the slightest with these because the story is such a joy. The audiobook recording is 20 years old, and narrated by Nigel Planer from The Young Ones. Such a delight to listen to, regardless of the occasional crackling and volume issues.

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