August 12 2016

The Uni Student Me

EDITED TO ADD: I was going to edit the post below to reflect the fact that I’m now done. Woohoo! It ended up being too much hassle. Because, busy. So, just popping this comment here to let you know that I survived, and you will too, I promise! Good luck. xoxo

I’m currently completing my Masters In Education – Teacher Librarianship. Initially, all my blog posts for this course were posted on a CSU Thinkspace site. However, it seemed a bit cumbersome to be maintaining two blogs, and this site was getting neglected, so I decided to export everything here. If you’ve found this site because you’re studying the course too, welcome, commiserations, and good luck- you’ll get through it!

I’ve found the whole postgrad student/ full time educator/ full time mother dynamic a difficult one to juggle, so if anything I’ve posted here is of help to you, please let me know. If you’d like to chat about your experiences, or vent, or get some feedback on anything at all, I’m all ears. Or should that be “eyes”, since I’m more likely to be reading it? Anyway, whichever sensory organ you need of me, hit me up.

I will be hopefully adding some menu links here, to help you navigate which posts are specifically related to which subjects, and hopefully I’ll get around to adding tags to them all too, so they are easier to search. But if, as you look at this page, you notice they aren’t there, sorry about that. Something came up. 😉

Please note, however: I’m not aiming to HD my Masters. My life is busy, and something’s gotta give. So, if I have to balance up getting a HD in life with just Passing this course? That’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make, despite the inner protests of my obsessive perfectionist heart. So, when you read my uni posts, read them with that frame of reference – this isn’t necessarily my best work, but it’s the best I was willing and able to do with the constraints of wanting to not sacrifice my family and work for this monstrous Masters beast. I hope you’re ok with that. I certainly am.

You’ll find a whole bunch of posts about my experiences studying for my Masters under the Uni Life post category. If you’re at some point on this study journey yourself, best of luck, and I hope these posts held you!