October 19 2012

Festival blogging!!!

I’m at the PLANE Festival of learning today. It’s a wonderful collection of amazing learning experiences, and I’m so excited about the possibilities!! I’m sitting in the keynote session. Michelle Bruniges, our DG, was up first, and spoke about the importance of passionate educators who embrace the opportunity to provide exceptional learning experiences for their students. She also gave a lovely thanks to the wonderful group of HAICTE’s, who all got to see our avatars up on screen – I’ve never seen my head so big!!

Now, Adam Elliot, creator of Harvie Krumpet, is talking about his role as “self-appointed story teller for our culture.” Entertaining and inspiring – he is an outstanding representative for what you can do if you believe I the power of your stories. His only piece of advice … Life is not a dress rehearsal, you have to do what you love. Awesome!!!!!


I’ll be blogging throughout the day as I get a chance …. Are you at the festival? What are you excited about? If you are, come up and say hi!!

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