October 25 2020

Somebody give this heart a pen, by Sophia Thakur

Give this heart a pen

Somebody give this heart a pen, by Sophia Thakur

Title: Somebody give this heart a pen
Author: Sophia Thakur
Genre/ issues: Poetry. Identity. Listening to your inner voice.

I read most of this book last night. I finished it this morning, and then reread a decent chuck of it again. When I was halfway through it last night, I commented to Jacob that it was ok but I felt like it was suffering from being on the page rather than delivered orally, and I don’t deny that this would be exceptionally powerful delivered as a spoke word performance by Sophia Thakur, who is an expert in this art form. But I think, reflecting on it this morning, that I was just struggling to engage with some of the messages because they are deeply relevant to me, and sometimes that’s hard to hear.
This collection of poems charts the journey through love, loss, pain and self-discovery. Poems which deal with embracing your pain, giving yourself permission to speak, listening to your inner voice … they hit hard this weekend, particularly as I’m struggling with the looming sense of imposter syndrome as I face my first NaNoWriMo. I’ve always wanted to write, but there has always been a part of me that has shouted that desire down. I’ve largely listened to that voice, and now, as I give voice to that part of my heart that wants to write, my inner imposter syndrome is flexing its muscles. He’s had more practice at this than I have in listening to my heart, so he’s better at these arguments. But I’m going to write anyway.
So, Someone Give This Heart a Pen. It’s a great collection of poetry by a thoughtful and insightful poet. Sunday morning Tamara highly recommends it, even if Saturday evening Tamara struggled. You really do need to read things at the right time, huh? Check out this short clip of Sophia performing one of the poems from this collection. Beautiful stuff.

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