December 26 2020

Snowpiercer the prequel


Snowpiercer, the prequel

Title: Snowpiercer The prequel: Part 1 Extinction and Part 2, Apocalypse
Author: Matz
Genre/ issues: Sci-fi. Dystopian fiction. Climate change.

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Snowpiercer the prequel, Part 1: Extinction and Part 2: Apocalypse. If you’re familiar with any of the other incarnations of Snowpiercer – the Netflix series, the movie, or the graphic novels translated from their original French that started the whole train journey – you’ll know this is not a pleasant story. Snowpiercer, 1001 cars long, is a train circling the earth and maintaining human life, such as it is, after an environmental apocalypse caused a global freeze. These two prequel graphics show the lead up to that apocalypse, and how a number of groups and individuals responded to the increasing environmental and economic issues on the planet.
The prequels are visually different to the main graphic novels, containing a colour and warmth that is fittingly lacking in the stark black and white colouring of life on the train after the world is covered in ice and snow. There are still a lot of questions left for me after reading these, and I was hoping for more background on the train itself, but the logistics and mechanics of that behemoth are left frustratingly vague. Still, all in all, a fascinating read.

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