January 7 2021

The Banks, by Roxanne Gay

The Banks

The Banks, by Roxanne Gay and Ming Doyle

Title: The Banks
Author: Roxanne Gay
Illustrator: Ming Doyle
Genre/ issues: Comic. Crime fiction. Queer rep. Family legacy.

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The Banks, by Roxanne Gay, Ming Doyle and Jordie Bellaire. This was a great read, beautifully illustrated in rich and vibrant tones. The Banks family have been the most successful family of thieves in Chicago for 50 years, and whilst the father/ grandfather may have done a few stints in prison, the women in the family have stayed clean by living by their golden rules: get in, get away, get paid, and never get greedy. The youngest Banks woman became arguably the biggest crook, however – an investment banker in line for a lucrative partnership at her firm. She stumbles across the opportunity for the heist of a lifetime, which may be just enough to bring the family back together again – for both an incredible score, and a chance at revenge.
If you liked Ocean’s 8 for its female-led heist narrative, then you’ll love this. The Banks family are strong and fabulous black women, and there’s a wonderful queer relationship thrown in for good measure. A fast-paced short -run comic series in a genre that isn’t one that I usually reach for, but Roxanne Gay’s name on the cover was enough to make me pick it up. I’m so glad I did!

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