January 10 2021

The colour of magic, by Terry Pratchett

colour of magic

The colour of magic, by Terry Pratchett

Title: The colour of magic
Author: Terry Pratchett
Genre/ issues: Middle grade. Friendship. Identity. Mental Health.

Shop local where you can: For Australian readers, you can find this book on Booktopia, or support your local independent bookstore. US readers, check out Bookshop.org.

I’ve decided to do a Discworld reread this year. Jacob is reading me Lords and Ladies as our current bedtime read, but I’m mostly going to read in publication order (which is NOT how I’d recommend you start if you’re new to Discworld, FYI!)
The Colour of Magic is a delightful romp around the Discworld, and I had remembered enjoying it when I first read it 20-something years ago, but was quite surprised to discover just how little I’d remembered of it. The luggage! Pratchett’s writing is masterful, with a witty control of language that simultaneously creates a unique and fascinating new world whilst cleverly critiquing aspects of our own world that we frequently take for granted. 10/10 would recommend – but if you’ve not read Discworld before, maybe start with Mort instead. You can thank me later

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