April 23 2021

Picture books about learning something new

The Katha Chest, Courageous Lucy, The Couch Potato, and Florence and Fox

The Katha Chest, Courageous Lucy, The Couch Potato, and Florence and Fox

Title: The Katha Chest
Author: Radhiah Chowdhury
Illustrator: Lavanya Naidu
Genre/ issues: Picture book. Family stories. 

Title: Courageous Lucy
Author: Paul Russell
Illustrator: Cara King
Genre/ issues: Picture book. School stories. Finding Courage. 

Title: The Couch Potato
Author: Jory John
Illustrator: Pete Oswald
Genre/ issues: Picture book. How to spend your free time. 

Title: Florence and  Fox
Author: Zanni Louise
Illustrator: Anna Pignataro
Genre/ issues: Picture book. Friendship. Sharing. 

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Another picture book post.
📚The Katha Chest is a beautiful story about the stories that are woven into the kathas – Bangladeshi quilts made out of cotton saris that have stopped being useful as clothing. I love the intricacies of the illustrations, drawing on both the author and illustrator’s family saris and kathas. Stories passed down through families – this is my kind of picture book!
📚Courageous Lucy is about a little girl who likes to worry, but soon discovers some things are worth being brave for. Can’t relate. I mean, who would worry all the time about every possible thing? “Hi, my name’s Tamara ….” A super cute book for your little (and big) worrier.
📚The Couch Potato feels like another “personal attack” picture book. This tech-savvy spud learns that there’s nothing wrong with finding a balance between screen time and the world outside. Apparently. Super cute!
📚And finally, Florence and Fox tells the story of two friends trying to figure out what the rules of Sharing Day are. Friendships can be tricky!
Picture books. They really are the best. Thought-provoking ideas, presented in super-accessible formats, able to be absorbed while you’re waiting for the kettle to boil. For kids of all ages.

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