October 24 2021

The Lost Boy, by Greg Ruth


The Lost Boy, by Greg Ruth

Title: The Lost Boy
Author: Greg Ruth
Genre/ issues: Graphic novel. YA. Fantasy.

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Some mysteries are too dangerous to ignore …
The Lost Boy by Greg Ruth is a beautifully illustrated graphic novel suitable for upper primary readers. Nate reluctantly moves into a new house and town with his family, and finds an old reel to reel tape recorder hidden in the floorboards. As he listens to the tapes, he discovers the mystery of Walt, who had lived here decades ago, and disappeared under strange circumstances. Walt and his new friend Tabitha discover that the curious tales that Walt recorded on his tapes aren’t quite as far-fetched as they might have first appeared.
Mysterious hidden worlds, an army of talking animals, and trees that aren’t quite what they seem … it’s a good solid middle-grade urban fantasy, made better by stunning black and white illustrations that sometimes take on a surreal life of their own. Worth the read just to check out the artwork!

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