July 20 2020

The Track series, books 1 and 2


Ghost and Patina, by Jason Reynolds

Title: The Track series: Ghost and Patina
Author: Jason Reynolds
Genre/ issues: Middle grade. Sports. Family. Friendship.

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I read the first 2 books in Jason Reynolds’ Track series a few weeks ago and loved them. I was planning on posting about them all when I finished the series, but I’ve hit a slump so I’m leaving book 3 and will come back to them later, so here’s a quick review on Ghost and Patina so I don’t forget them in my #2020readingchallenge tally.

I’ve probably read more sportsing books this year than I have in my whole life – I’m making an effort to expand my reading horizons and explore genres and themes I’d usually skip over. This series is a fab middle grade read, 4 books about 4 different members of the same track team, who all deal with their own family and personal issues. Ghost, the eponymous character from the first book in the series, lives with his mother whilst his father is in prison for attempting to shoot them both. He is dealing with bullying at school, and is struggling to find his place, and to be seen for who he is. The metaphor of running in this book sets up a beautiful through line for the stories that are to come. Patina, in book 2, attends an elite private school and lives with her aunt, as her mum is unable to care for her because of her complex medical conditions. They both joined the track team at the same time, but are running their own races, literally and figuratively.
These are both great books, and I love the way Jason writes. He’s definitely one of my favourite author finds of the year.

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