December 31 2020

Wonder Woman: Rebirth, by Greg Rucka

Wonder Woman Rebirth

Wonder Woman: Rebirth, volume 1, by Greg Rucka

Title: Wonder Woman: Rebirth
Author: Greg Rucka
Genre/ issues: Sci-fi. Superheroes. Feminism. Identity.

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Comics by candlelight. When I set out on my quest to get back into reading comics after a 30 year break earlier this year, I knew Wonder Woman would be high on my list – but there are so many options, it was hard to know where to start. Thanks to some great advice from a friend of Jacob’s (“you can’t go wrong with Greg Rucka”) I picked up Wonder Woman Rebirth, and I finally read it today. Sigh. My heart is full of joy right now. I’ve loved Wonder Woman for as long as I can remember, and this collection includes 1-14 of the Wonder Woman rebirth series, providing the parallel narratives of her early days on Themiscyra along with her modern day quest to return home. The art is stunning, the stories are sublime, and the characters are outstanding. I hopped onto @kingscomics and ordered volume 2 and 3 this afternoon, and I can’t wait to read them.

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