June 16 2011

1:1Unconference …. woo hoo!

I love technology. Did I mention that? LOVE it!! And I love learning so much, it’s hard to explain it to you!! So, when I first heard a couple of colleagues in my PLN¬†throwing around the idea of an UNconference, I was intrigued. I am always looking for ways to increase engagement in my classroom (for both students and myself!) and looking at different kinds of learning, so the idea of a technology in education conference which wasn’t just “chalk and talk with shiny gadgets” really appeals to me. I approached my principal last week, got approval to go, and am all booked in.

I can’t wait – but I’m also a little nervous. Why? Well, I’ve been asked to lead a facilitated discussion about 1:1 learning in the English classroom. 1:1 learning is about 1 person – 1 device, whether that be laptops, DERvices, tablets, or mobile phones, so it’s supposed to be a 1 hour discussion session with up to 24 people on the implications and applications of this to the English classroom. So, nervous? Yes…. because I don’t know what I have to offer! I know that I’m passionate about what I do in my room, and I’ve grown leaps and bounds in my confidence with this in the past year, but I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed at the idea of leading a session with other educators. I’m sure it’ll be fine, and everyone else is going there with the same idea I am – that we’re all hoping to talk, network, and learn something from the other people there. I’m hoping I’ll get over the stress of it, and learn something awesome from the people in my discussion group, as well as hopefully offer something to them!!

Are you going to the UNconference? If you are, come up and say hi …. I’ll be helping to man the social media desk on Tuesday afternoon too!! How many PD sessions encourage you to spend time tweeting? LOVE it!!