November 4 2020

More bedtime stories for cynics

Bedtime stories for cynics

More bedtime stories for cynics

Title: More bedtime stories for cynics
Narrator: Nick Offerman
Genre/ issues: Short stories. Fairytales for adults.

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I got this anthology of quirky bedtime stories on audible a while ago, and had been listening to them before lockdown but then got sidetracked with pandemic stuff. Today, I had to do a bit of driving, so I finally finished the last few stories. The highlight of this for me were the hilarious sardonic introductions to each story by Nick Offerman, but the stories themselves were also entertaining, and read by some great celebrity narrators. This would be a great collection to have cued up if you need something to listen to on a commute but don’t want to start a full length novel.

#TamaraReads #2020readingchallenge 77/100

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