October 25 2021

Hometown Haunts, edited by Poppy Nwosu


Hometown Haunts, by Poppy Nwosu

Title: Hometown Haunts
Author: Poppy Nwosu
Genre/ issues: Short stories. YA fiction. Horror stories.

Shop local where you can: For Australian readers, you can find this book on Booktopia, or support your local independent bookstore. US readers, check out Bookshop.org.

I don’t really read horror.
Yes, I know I’ve read a lot of horror in the past month or so, but that’s the exception, not the rule. It’s October, right?
Oooh, it’s got such a pretty cover though … that’ll look lovely on my bookshelf!
Wait, Wai Chim contributed to it? And Alison Snevans??? Sigh. Fine, I’ll read it. It’s YA horror … how scary can it be?
Famous last words, Past Tamara – it can be pretty damn scary! Damn, Hometown Haunts #loveozya horror tales anthology is good! A stellar list of contributing authors, including some of my faves and some who have succeeded in scaring the pants off me in such enjoyable ways that I’ve added them to the list of people to check out. A few highlights – Slaughterhouse Boys by @redscribed made me simultaneously shudder and cry in their story about enjoying a good steak and the social construct of masculinity. @talltales_poppynwosu broke my heart with her beautiful tale of loss and disolving people, Nature Boy. @alisonwritesthings – eyes. Shudder. Such a brilliant story about bodily change through puberty with a body horror twist that still makes my skin crawl when I think about it. And, thanks to @project_lectito and @sarahepsteinbooks I’ll never again use either an Olympic swimming pool or a roadside rest stop, so thanks for that.
I feel a little remiss not mentioning all the stories individually, because there wasn’t a single one that I didn’t – well, “enjoy” might be the wrong word? But they’re all excellent. Special mention to Emma Preston’s It’s Quiet Now, a thought-provoking short comic about what happens on the streets when people are in lockdown.
Hometown Haunts is a fantastic mix of humour, wit, and thoughtfulness in 12 short stories and 2 short comics, all guaranteed* to make you shudder.
(*not a legally binding guarantee)

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