June 3 2021

Wyrd Sisters, by Terry Pratchett

Wyrd Sisters

Wyrd Sisters, by Terry Pratchett

Title: Wyrd Sisters
Author: Terry Pratchett
Genre/ issues: Fantasy. Comedy. Witches. Discworld.

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“The power of words had sustained him throughout the hell of the Guild. Wizards and witches used words as if they were tools to get things done, but the Fool reckoned that words were things in their own right. “Words can change the world”, he said.”
Book 69 (nice!) in my #2021ReadingChallenge is book 6 in the #Discworld series. Wyrd Sisters is the first time we see Nanny Ogg, Granny Weatherwax and Magrat Garlick all together, and it’s a suitably Shakespearean tale of three witches, a murdered king, incessant washing of hands, and a play within a play. Not only is it laugh-out-loud funny, but it provides some powerful reflections on the nature of history and memory, and the sheer magic of words and language. A gem of a book from a master storyteller.

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